Oh my dear dear sister

I have decided to ad a new category that I have lovingly entitled “Shit my sister says.”

Throughout our lives and especially the last month or so, I have really grown to appreciate the conversations my sister and I have. Quite possibly alcohol induced but just as likely to be sober, ranging from sitting in Target parking lots (or aisles), to sitting around a kitchen table or even laying by a pool, they are always interesting, entertaining, sometimes offensive, and always honest.

During the process of dyeing my hair back blonde:

Me: “Why does it look more orange?”

Her: “Well…it’s because of the purple stuff. It just…blends that way.”

Me: “Are you just saying that because you have no fucking clue either?”

Her: “Yeah pretty much….I noticed it a while ago but I didn’t want to freak you out by saying anything.”

(After it was washed and dried and still orange ) Her: “At least it’s shiny!”


In talking about the bug bite on her leg:

“I think it’s a wasp sting. I think I was asleep. Do wasps not sleep too?”


A long time ago sitting on the floor of the wine aisle in Target:

“Ya know this would be perfect if Target had a bar in here. I would never leave.”

Sitting in the back end of her SUV in the Target parking lot drinking the wine we just bought:

“Does this make us white trash? I feel like this is a good idea either way.”


There will be more to come from my beautiful and amazing sister


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